1.4.28 changelog (Latest Dev Version)

  • Multiplayer: fixed matches with deleted players appearing as "to be deployed"
  • Multiplayer: reduced leaderboard activity timeout from 1 month to 1 week
  • Multiplayer: fixed not downloaded matches appearing with "0" map generation code
  • Tournaments: check if registration is enabled on server when using the in-game "register" button
  • Team setup: fixed color patterns shaking for certain resolutions
  • Tutorial: fixed "A and B" intermediate mission (victory by default)
  • Tutorial: unlocked node selection in "Attack" mission to enable node tooltips on mobile
  • UI: move bug report button to the settings menu
  • Localization: improved AI tooltips for french language
  • Localization: fixed typos
  • Stats: fixed player daily score and ranking graphs displaying "0" value when player is inactive


Windows (latest dev version) 56 MB
Version 1.4.28 Aug 10, 2020
Mac (latest dev version) 67 MB
Version 1.4.28 Aug 10, 2020
Linux (latest dev version) 69 MB
Version 1.4.28 Aug 10, 2020

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