1.4.31 changelog

  • [Campaign] Updated the campaign missions with AIs from season 5
  • [Credits] Increased the initial credits (1000 -> 5000)
  • [Game] Made bots on force fields unpushable
  • [Game] Added a 1m/2m distance filter category
  • [Game/Domination] Increased the base capture approach distance (1m -> 2m)
  • [Game] Defaulting to closest entity when a ClosestToAXXX selector find an equality
  • [Game] Improved the starter kit AIs
  • [Localization] Renamed the "capture base" action to "conquer base"
  • [Localization] Updated the texts localization


Windows 56 MB
Version 1.4.31 Jun 22, 2021
Mac 67 MB
Version 1.4.31 Jun 22, 2021
Linux 69 MB
Version 1.4.31 Jun 22, 2021

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Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from itch.io to avoid that.

The apk is free to download on Android, but requires an in-game purchase to unlock the full content.

So... I had a problem with an AI. I fixed it, but now... I still have the same problem with the AI.

-Set AI to approach "closest" enemy base which is being approached by an enemy.
-Enemy AI has one of their bots start moving toward the base nearest to my units while another unit is capturing.
-This prompts any units not already close enough to attack to retreat toward the base behind them instead of attacking the one the enemy is trying to capture at.

-Change AI to approach "closest to resource" enemy base with otherwise same properties.

-In spite of the AI change, the units display the same behaviour.
-The enemy base closest to a resource is NOT the base being targeted for the move action.

I ended up having to use alternative conditions (unrelated to bases) to get the AI to behave as intended.

Hi. I love your game its amazing but since you released this update it says my version wich is the previous version is unsupported. I understand that but now It wont let me download the new version from here again. I bought the game but now I cant get the new version. Its making me buy it again. I dont have the money to do that. Do you know a way I can fix this without having to buy the game again.

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Can you try this? https://wiki.gladiabots.com/index.php?title=FAQ#I_bought_the_PC_version_on_itch....

Its me Tristancremer I chatted with you on discord