Gladiabots 10.3 is live!


  • Added more counting conditions
  • Added health+shield conditions and filters
  • Added distance from arena borders conditions, selectors and filters
  • Fixed black screen on Android 8
  • Fixed performance issues on some devices
  • Fixed UI scrollbars initial positions
  • Fixed bugged training missions

See the roadmap for more details.

Files 22 MB
Oct 06, 2017 38 MB
Oct 06, 2017 42 MB
Oct 06, 2017

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I do not know where to leave a comment, so I will allow myself to leave it here: starting from a few alphas ago, the Mac executable installed through the itch client has been corrupted in some way: it can't be launched, throwing an OS message that... it can't be launched. No issue with the version I can download manually though.

Great game, cheers!