New Skins, Teams, Custom Tournaments and more - 1.4 is live!


This update introduces advanced skin customization:

  • Scale up or down the textures to fit your needs
  • Make those textures more dynamic by making them move along time in any direction
  • Increase your colors brightness to shine on the battlefield

Check out the crazy new skins the community already created:

Show off your latest creation during the new intro screen and and rub it to the face of your opponent in their defeat screen!


Competitive multiplayer makes if hard to make big changes in the game rules and splitting the community between different variants of the game would be bad for every one.

The solution to this problem is customizable tournament rules: max AI sizes, max AI count, team size, respawn delay, mission timeout, authorized bot classes, etc. Check out the dedicated wiki page for more details.

Here's an example of a no class limit collection tournament that was organized last week.


1.4 also introduces a brand new team system. In short, you are automatically assigned to one of the 3 teams (red, green and blue) as soon as you enter the Gold league. Check out the dedicated wiki page for more details.

You can see who's is which team on the stats website. If you are active on the discord server and joined a team, ask for your team role in the #role-requests channel and access your team's private chat to meet your teammates, exchange tips and plot against the other teams.

Now it's cool to be part of a team but what does it really bring to the game?


Introducing team tournaments! The best players from each team fight each other to determine who will represent their team in the finals.
We had the first team tournament in February and Red Team was victorious! Here are the replays, some of them are commented by players:

This tournament was super fun to follow, so I should organize the next one pretty soon... Stay tuned!


Here's the full changelog from 1.3 to 1.4:

  • AI: fixed ally/enemy side filter when the bot spawns on the vertical middle axis (ally = left, enemy = right for player slot 1, reverse for slot 2)
  • Account: handle multiple Steam installs on a single PC
  • Account: implemented account change
  • Multiplayer: added team system
  • Multiplayer: fixed UI bugs when cancelling a deployment
  • Team setup: added new skin options (bright colors, texture scaling and move)
  • Team setup: setups split by game mode by default (you can change it in the settings)
  • Game: added intro and outro teams highlights
  • Tools: improved bug reporting system (avoids sending emails)
  • Tournaments: added new parameters for organizers (max AI size, max bot AI count, max team AI size, team size, respawn delay, mission timeout, authorized bot classes)
  • Tournaments: added in-game tournament announcements
  • Tournaments: added in-game tournament registration
  • Tournaments: added team tournaments


As a side note, I'm working on a new game project called "No Plan B". It's a tactical planning game challenging you to complete each mission with a single plan. Check out the Steam page below and please ADD IT TO YOUR WISHLIST 👇


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