1.4.18 changelog (Latest Dev Version)

  • AI editor: remove A shortcut from add AI button
  • Team setup: fixed team composition check for tournament matches with special team size rules
  • Team setup: added logs to debug the team size bug
  • Team setup: fixed ranked/unranked/private default team size being altered by tournament rules (?)
  • Localization: fixed redundant "league" word
  • Account: fixed sync conflict happening between 2 versions on the same install
  • Tournaments: added the AllowDraws special rule (see https://wiki.gladiabots.com/index.php?title=Tournaments#Allow_draws)
  • Discord: reduced level up and ranking reports frequency


Windows (latest dev version) 46 MB
Version 1.4.18 35 days ago
Mac (latest dev version) 52 MB
Version 1.4.18 35 days ago
Linux (latest dev version) 54 MB
Version 1.4.18 35 days ago

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