1.4.24 changelog (Latest Dev Version)

  • Campaign: updated chapter 2 to 10 missions with latests ghosts from season 3
  • Team setup: added 5 setups per game mode (replacing the 2 campaign/multiplayer setups)
  • Bot customization: added 20 skin textures
  • Bot customization: cleaned hexagon textures
  • Bot customization: tweaked texture prices
  • Tutorial: fixed "finish tutorial first" message appearing the first time the AI editor is opened

Here's a preview of the new skin textures: https://imgur.com/1TtzZ73


Windows (latest dev version) 45 MB
Version 1.4.24 Jun 11, 2020
Mac (latest dev version) 52 MB
Version 1.4.24 Jun 11, 2020
Linux (latest dev version) 73 MB
Version 1.4.24 Jun 11, 2020

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