1.4.25 changelog (Latest Dev Version)

  • Campaign: lowered AIs starting elo ranges (chapter 2 starts at 900 instead of 1000)
  • Bot customization: improved textures quality
  • Bot customization: added 2 textures
  • Sandbox: fixed team composition error message appearing in team setup screen
  • Localization: fixed drop resource action tooltip
  • Tutorial: fixed setup toggles shown in team setup screen
  • Tutorial: fixed team setups getting overriden by changes made during tutorial missions
  • Linux: builds now use the "universal" format (handling 32 and 64 bits architectures)


Windows (latest dev version) 45 MB
Version 1.4.25 Jun 13, 2020
Mac (latest dev version) 52 MB
Version 1.4.25 Jun 13, 2020
Linux (latest dev version) 73 MB
Version 1.4.25 Jun 13, 2020

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Should gamers download the latest dev version or is it only for, uh... developers?

You can stay on the regular one. Latest dev is for players who want to help me test new features.