Alpha 14 release

New content:
* Reward when completing a campaign chapter
* Time left conditions
* Teams score conditions
* Map position filters
* IAPs to buy more unlock points
* Private matches notifications (via email)
* New sandbox maps
* Ghosts stats

* Game visuals
* Skins system
* Team setup screen UI/UX
* AI editor UI/UX
* Training missions flow
* XP level thresholds

* Campaign bugged AIs

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Mac 52 MB
Version 8 Jul 29, 2018
Linux 54 MB
Version 8 Jul 29, 2018
Windows 46 MB
Version 7 Jul 29, 2018

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My game ask me to update to the last version or I couln't play. So how can I do that if every time it gets to this web again and forced me to pay again?

Did you check this?